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Experienced tax lawyers can help represent you in each stage of your tax dispute and at all levels of tax court against the CRA. Farber Tax Law lawyers have extensive experience litigating and disputing the CRA. Book a free consult to speak to a tax lawyer about your unique case.

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Using a CRA Tax Lawyer


If you are having a tax issue, you might be tempted to go at it alone. It may seem less expensive and possibly even easier to talk to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) yourself. However, if you have a serious tax problem, especially a situation that could lead to legal issues (like a tax evasion case) it’s a much better idea to work with a tax lawyer.

For instance, if you are going to the Tax Court of Canada, it’s critical that you have a tax lawyer on your side. Technically you could be represented by your accountant in some cases, and you may be able to represent yourself if you wish, but neither of these choices are advisable.

First of all, a tax lawyer has been specifically trained to not only have a complete understanding of tax law, but also to properly represent clients in court. This means that you will not have to waste time learning the rules, but can instead go directly to building a case that properly explains your viewpoint and one hat has the evidence necessary to be successful in court.

Keep in mind that the CRA lawyer that you are up against will definitely be a legal professional who has been through many, many tax court cases. This experience and level of comfort in court will give the CRA a significant advantage if you do not also have legal representation. Dealing with the CRA in any situation can be stressful and difficult. The Agency is notoriously tough to communicate and negotiate with, plus their agents have a full understanding of CRA processes. This means that, even outside of court, the CRA has a big advantage over a regular individual. When you get to a court case, a CRA lawyer will certainly have the advantage unless you also have your own tax lawyer. Don’t go up against a CRA tax lawyer alone. Working with a legal professional helps level the playing field and it gives you a much greater chance at a successful outcome in your case.


The Critical Importance of a Tax Lawyer in Legal Cases


The need for proper legal representation becomes even more important in cases involving legal charges that end up in criminal courts. Tax evasion cases and prosecution for failing to file tax returns can have serious consequences. If the CRA suspects that you willfully avoided declaring some income on your tax returns, for instance, it can file tax evasion charges against you. If you are found guilty of tax evasion, you could face serious penalties including significant fines and even potential prison time.

The CRA has been cracking down on cases of undisclosed income and undisclosed foreign income in recent years, so the likelihood of the agency pursuing tax evasion charges against you if you did not list all your income on your tax return is greater than it had been many years ago.

If you go into criminal court or Tax Court without a lawyer, the lawyer on the other side will almost certainly be more prepared, more experienced, and more skilled at proving a case against you than you will be at explaining your own case. This means that you will risk criminal tax evasion charges which, even if you avoid jail time, can come with a criminal record that can permanently damage the rest of your personal and professional life.

If you work with an experienced tax attorney, you are working with someone who will review your situation, accurately determine how to apply tax law to your circumstances, build a case based on the facts and evidence, and then properly explain your side in a court of law, arguing on your behalf. This is invaluable and could certainly be the difference between a successful defence and a criminal charge.

Finding a Tax Lawyer


If you are facing legal troubles with the CRA and are looking for experienced representation, then trust the professionals at Farber Tax Law. In addition to the tax lawyers, Farber Tax Law is also affiliated with ex-CRA professionals from Farber Tax Solutions. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive tax solutions, giving you the best chance of success both inside and outside the courtroom.

The Farber Tax Law team will speak with the CRA on your behalf and represent you in meetings as well as in any audits that are requested. We will negotiate with the agency, work to build your case, and give you the best chance of success at resolving your issue, no matter what your tax problem may be.

Plus, when you work with a tax lawyer, you can be assured that your rights will always be respected and protected. We know how critical it is for everyone to receive their chance to explain their side of their case without their rights being infringed.

Also, working with a tax lawyer means that you receive attorney-client privilege. This means that you will be able to discuss any and all matters relating to your tax situation without fear. This can be incredibly beneficial in building your case and in having success in the courtroom.

At Farber, we know that experience matters. As mentioned, the CRA often has a big advantage in tax disputes because the agents and CRA lawyer have years of experience in CRA processes and understanding tax law. We believe that individuals and organizations that are arguing their cases with the CRA also deserve to have experienced representation.

When you work with Farber Tax Law, you are working with a team that you can trust to give you the best opportunity to resolve your tax situation.

Let us help you no matter what your tax situation may be. Whether you are going through a CRA tax review, a tax audit, a case in front of the Tax Court of Canada, an appeal through the Federal Court of Appeals, or a criminal matter, Farber has the expertise and skill to assist you. Talk to one of our tax lawyers today about your situation and about what we can do for you. Contact us today.

Farber Tax Solutions Helps You at Every Step of the Way including:

  • 1| Organizing: We analyze all documents and CRA communication, and negotiate with the CRA on your behalf
  • 2| Audits: We assist you with every step of the audit and ensure proper conduct by tax authorities
  • 3| Appeals: We uses our knowledge to prepare a Notice of Objection, clarifying your standing with the CRA
  • 4| Litigation: We represent you at all levels of court